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Communicate Your WHY

24th January 2022

People don't buy what you do, they buy how you do it. Start with your WHY.

Covid Campaign – Easter Joy for Orestone Wealth Management   In early April 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, a …

Is it your EGO posting?

16th September 2019

I’ve been working on my personal development recently and I’ve realised that I’m uncomfortable selling myself.  I can easily talk about …

As a strategic marketing consultant for my own agency, I’m often told by prospective clients that one of their main business objectives …

Our culture encourages us to compete from an early age – particularly for our dream job.  I used to think that competition …

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Angela Consulting
Based on 13 reviews
I recently approached Angela to help with some PR & marketing within my business and she has been fantastic. She immediately took everything I wanted to do on board and made some great recommendations which I'm excited to implement throughout. She is fully invested in the growth of my business and I'm excited to see what the future brings!
Cat Chadwick
Cat Chadwick
Angela is extremely helpful and is full of excellent ideas to boost my companies profile,i can't thank Angela enough.As a women in business she has also helped me to promote and improve my confidence.
Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee
Angela is a wonderful person and was a great help to me when it came to setting up my small business. I highly recommend her!
Emma Saunders
Emma Saunders
Thank You so much Angie, your knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail together with your warmth and sense of humour make you an absolute pleasure to work with, I highly recommend your services!
Sarah Ashworth
Sarah Ashworth
I'm really enjoying working with Angela on my digital media marketing plan to grow my massage business. What seemed like a daunting task behind closed doors is now opening up, with lots of insightful suggestions too!.
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor
Angela Consulting has recently helped get my marketing aligned for my business GoXperience. Very happy with her expertise, fresh ideas and the way in which it is delivered and presented.The process is fast, effective and I now have a schedule, improved Social Media profiles and content. Looking forward to stage 2 later on in the year.This will be very helpful for a new or nearly new business to help it get off the ground.Thank you very much Angela.Nathan WilliamsGoXperience
Excellent service, very personable and easy to talk with.
David Cook
David Cook
Angela is a great help to me and my business - always on hand, helpful, thoroughly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Totally recommended.
Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver
Angela is an expert in her field and very passionate about her work. I look forward to working with Angela more in the future, knowing that her input will reap huge rewards for our businesses!
As a new an inexperienced business woman I was worried about feeling inadequate during our first meeting. Angela has a wonderful skill for putting you at ease and boosting your confidence. Her help and support has been key to my success and I am so pleased I took that first step to getting the professional help that I needed.I would highly recommend Angela Consulting to new and experienced businesses alike.
Tess Smith
Tess Smith
Excellent service. Very helpful, reasonably priced, personable, efficient service.
I enjoy working with Angela as an outsourced marketing manager for my business. She is a one-stop-shop for all things marketing and PR and also offers valuable business expertise based on her vast experience. I'd recommend her to others who are looking for expert assistance. She also really understands our industry which is a big help.
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