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Borron Shaw Group

Consulting clients may know what to do, but not HOW to do it, or have the CAPABILITY to do it themselves. Consultants bring a fresh perspective, empathy, experience and expertise leading to better decisions and delivery. Borron Shaw Group of estate agents commissioned Angela to help them to co-ordinate their disjointed marketing activities. This started with understanding and assessing who they are and what they want to be, to determine brand guidelines, which led to a series of changes to reflect their community-conscious brand. Changes included improvements to the interior design of the branch offices, and on and offline marketing communications.

Angela is the person I will always turn to for marketing ideas. It is refreshing to find someone who has the same passion and goals for my business as I do. She is dedicated to the needs of my business, listens carefully to what’s important and delivered an excellent marketing report that we are now implementing. My advice is to speak to Angela first before going anywhere else
Steven Ball, Borron Shaw (Orrell) Ltd; Lifestyle Financial Services LLP
Client:  Borron Shaw Management Ltd; Borron Shaw (Orrell) Ltd; Borron Shaw Wigan Ltd; Borron Shaw Hindley Ltd; Lifestyle Financial Services LLP
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